Why are Mexican sodas better than US soft drinks?

All across the world, soft drinks are a hugely popular product. From Coca Cola in just about the whole world to more niche drinks like Mountain Dew in the US and even things like Irn Bru over in Scotland, soft drinks and sodas are massively popular in all of their various flavors and styles.

However, not every soda can is made the same, even in nearby nations. For example, the major difference between US sodas and Mexican sodas is that they use one different ingredient from one another. However, the ingredient that is changed is, without a doubt, a major part in making sure that US soft drinks are going to be far inferior to their Mexican counterparts.

Mexican sodas use sugar cane instead of fructose corn syrup to deliver the quality of taste that everyone loves so much. It’s become a fact that Mexican and US cokes are totally different, and the Mexican style is much more comfortable to drink – and a lot better for you. Although it’s still not exactly a recommended part of the old healthy eating diet, Mexican soda has become infinitely more popular than its American counterpart because of this.

However, it is vital to make one major distinction here; that not all Mexican coke and soda is made this way. Scientific analysis fo each bottle has found that some sodas still use fructose corn syrup even in Mexico, so it’s not a blanket term that covers all soda.

That being said, the vast majority tends to be the case when it comes to using corn syrup. This makes a major difference to the way that the product tastes and also the difference of what it does to the body. Whilst sugar cane is not great for us, fructose corn syrup is terrible for us!

Therefore, the major difference here is that US sodas tend to be made mostly from this, whereas in Mexico it tends to be the minority. The next time that you go to get a can of soda, then, be sure to look out for the Mexican versions as they are widely sold in the US.

However, make sure that you read the bottle carefully as it might still be using fructose corn syrup, even if it is listed as a Mexican drink – that extra bit of research will be worth your time, trust us!